Wii Sports Bowling

So, you think you have what it takes to bowl a 300 on Wii Sports Bowling? Well let me tell you something, it ain't that easy. There is a way to master the game and it requires a little bit more than just tossing a ball at some pins.

Your Swing
The first thing you need to do is learn your swing. Spend a few minutes just getting to know how you swing the wii-mote. Don't do any aiming, just swing. You will soon notice a pattern.

Do you always spin the ball in a certain direction? Do you swing fast or slow? Before you try aiming the ball perfect your swing.

Now that you have learned how you swing start playing with the left and right aiming functions in bowling. After a few strings you should just about have it down pat to getting strikes. If you are real brave start fooling around with the angled aiming!

Your Ball
The color of the bowling ball you use is based on the gender of your Mii. Boys get blue balls and girls get pink balls. The pros get to use a start studded ball!

What if you want to use a ball of a different color? There is a way!

When the game starts and fades to black you need to hold the control pad on your wii-mote in one of four directions to get a ball of a different color:

  • Up - Blue
  • Down - Green
  • Left - Red
  • Right - Gold

There are a few simple 'tricks' in the game as well.

If you swing and release the ball so it goes behind you all of the Miis who are watching the game will jump up in surprise!

If you move all the way to a gutter and then spin your aim over you can throw your ball so it lands in lane other than your own!

Those tricks do not do anything for you in the game but you can use them to surprise your friends.