I have been using this site as a blog for a little over a year now. In that time I have met many interesting people. Some of them are still blogging while others have moved onto bigger and better things. I'd like to take a moment and list some of the bloggers I have met over the last year.

1. Ohad from the Plugg - I think I met Ohad through the social bookmarking site Digg about a year ago. We had some similar interests and chatted for a while. We still send emails back and forth every few weeks but that is about it.

2. Ryan J. Parker - I met Ryan via John Chow's blog in the comment area. At the time he had some gaming blog with him eating Lucky Charms in the header. Ryan helped me out a few times with some coding problems (damn my old feeble eyes for missing obvious things) and he's a cool guy. I think he won one of my contests too. His blogs have been dead for a while now.

3. Baron - I don't remember if I found him or his blog first. Baron was fairly active on Digg until he got banned and brought back. His blog was a very good read and he even got linked to by Wired at one point. Sadly his blog has turned into a twitter link fest.

4. Jez from Site Logic - I'm not sure where I met up with Jez, it might have been the same place I met up with Ryan. Jez is a sharp cookie and he runs quite a few sites, many of which I am not familiar with. Jex has always been good with some information on SEO and linking strategies.

5. Ben Cook from Blogging Experiment - Ben contacted me a while back when I was looking for guest authors. He sent me a good article and I published it. Since then his own site has really taken off. He had some trouble a short while back dealing with selling a theme (that should have remained private and not posted on site) and his site is always worth a read. right now he is making the rounds on digg with his Lessons on Blogging series.

6. Ms. Q from Q Musings - Another person that I can not remember how I met but I do enjoy her blog. I tried to help her out earlier in the year with traffic and building an audience and I can only think it must have worked because her posts always have a ton of comments attached to them.

7. RT from Untwisted Vortex - I have no idea how I met up with R.T. but it was around the time I was checking out Plime. I reviewed his blog and kept going back. Like me R.T. is a former military man.

If I left you off don't worry, I'm planning to do a few more of these in the coming days.