The face behind the blogDerek Wong of Going The Wong Way tagged me with the Face Behind The Blog tag began by David Airey.

Yeah, I copied that first line from my associate blogger Ms. Q but she didn't give me a choice. She summed it up so well I knew I could not write a better opening.

A lot of folks have asked me to post a picture of myself. Some even thought I did post a picture of myself in my entry: GENCON 2006: Yes, there are girls at game conventions but I am not to be found there!

In fact I am very active on the net but I'm not one for photographs.

SquirtyIf you go to BoardGameGeek you will find this cute little kitten as my avatar. I also use it on the Kenzer forums. It is a picture of my cat Squirty when he was a small kitten. He is now a 16 pound ox with long hair and lots of love. If you even look at him he starts purring and heads right for your lap!

MyBlogLog AvatarThis is the avatar I use on sites such as Netscape, Digg and MyBlogLog. It is a thumbnail from a picture I got from a friend. It has a very nice tag line at the bottom: "One weekend a month my ass!" I use it because I like it, I am thinking of using Squirty's pic everywhere though...

HMTKSteveIf you really want a picture of me you will have to settle for this. This is me as a Mii, get it?

If you were thinking of doing a Google image search to find a picture of me, good luck! Even if you use my full name you will not find a picture of me!

Just think, I could be anybody... I could be the guy delivering the mail. I could be the guy picking up your trash. I could even be the guy listening in on your phone calls!

Maybe one day I'll post a real picture of myself... maybe.

The only person I can think to tag would be Baron from