I have not done one of these in a long time! Partly because I have been busy but mostly because I'm just lazy.

    Links worth looking at

  • 10.4.9 + 1 = 10.4.10 But Don't Cut Off the Zero - Parislemon points out that even though Apple is great for making cool looking products they don't know basic math.
  • ClubPenguin: That’s a lot of herring - Club Penguin being sold for $500 Million!!! How does a site with no advertising and a user base of kids become worth so much money? I mean Digg has advertising and a huge user base of kids and that site isn't worth even close to $500 Million!
  • Got Rid of MyBlogLog - Baron gets rid of MyBlogLog and explains why.
  • Marketing Pilgrim is Looking for Additional Contributors - In true Web 2.0 fashion another big site is looking for free workers. Isn't that the business model Digg uses? Get a bunch of people to submit content and not pay them but recognize them with a top digger list... No, they dumped that... Well, at least this site is upfront and tells you that you are only working for "fame and glory, in lieu of actual cash". It's a good site and it could be a good stepping stone to paid work.
  • Super Mario Bros. Theme Song - Can someone explain to me how you can play two electric guitars at the same time with only two hands?
  • The Rights of Contributrs: 2.0 and "Free Speech" - Even though the web originated in the USA it has become global. Too many American web users forget that their laws end at their shores.