All right. I got a few new Nintendo items for Christmas this year.

1) Zelda DS Lite - Unlike the other colors of DS Lite this one is not a base color with a clear plastic covering over it. The covering is molded gold plastic. This is good because my daughter has a Pink DS Lite with the clear plastic and the edge cracks (between the covering and the pink) are filled with black cheese. This one has those same cracks but you will not see the cheese build-up.

As for the game... It is too easy. The hardest part for me so far has been when where you have to close the clam shell to transfer the map symbol. That was only hard because my mind equates closing the DS Lite with putting it in standby mode. I had the same problem with that one Wario Ware game that required you to drop the Wiimote. The game was telling me to do something that has been warned against in the instructions.

2) Wii Zapper and Link's Crossbow Training
- The Zapper is high-quality plastic. Not sure about being worth $25 but I still picked it up.

The game requires you to unlock each stage in single player score mode before making those levels available in multi-player mode. The stages do get more difficult though I somehow managed to have most of my trouble with the mid level stages and totally blew through the last few stages on the first pass. It's a good "mini-game" style game for when you have friends over.

3) Super Mario Galaxy
- OK, I did not play the other 3D one on the N64 but... WTF? Is there a difficulty setting somewhere in an options menu? This game is stupidly easy. I think I died once by getting squished by an elevator floor by accident.

The graphics are sweet but I have not encountered anything real difficult in the game.