Wii Sports Tennis

So, are you and Muffy ready for a game of tennis? Are you? You might think that you are but Wii Sports Tennis is more than just swinging your Wii-mote in the air like you just don't care! This game requires skill and timing. It also requires special shoes.

Wii Sports Tennis is a doubles game. It supports up to four players (side-by-side split screen) and you can choose to play along side a computer Mii or team up with a clone of yourself.

Unlike other games you have no control over where the Miis go. You only control the swinging of the racket, this is where the timing comes in.

Swing Timing
If you swing the racket to soon you will either

  • Miss the ball
  • Send the ball left

If you swing the ball too late then you will either

  • Miss the ball
  • Send the ball right

Because being able to send the ball left or right is key to scoring points you must learn to time your swings.

You can also lob the ball by swinging low to high and you can slice the ball by doing the opposite. Lobbing makes the ball go slower and slicing makes it travel faster.

There are two ways to swing the racket; forehand and backhand. Forehand is when your palm faces forward as you swing, while backhand is when your arm is on the opposite side so your palm faces outward.


  • Rocket Serve - (so a gold trail follows the ball) is done when you hit the ball when it's at it's highest. This causes the ball to fly super fast and most players, when they return the ball, will send it flying into the crowd!
  • Dealing with a rocket serve - If you are on the receiving end of a rocket serve, backhand it back. If you time it right you will send it back to them and the game will continue as normal.
  • Practice - Use the practice modes to learn how to time your swings and properly aim your returns.

There are not that many tricks for this game. After selecting characters you can press the "2" button to play on the blue practice court.

Once you reach Pro level a bigger crowd will watch you play.