Wii sports golf

So, you think you know how to play golf? You think you can just grab that Wi-mote and start sinking some holes in one? Guess again! Wii Sports Golf is not as simple to play as that. Why not just sit down for a few minutes and learn?

Wii Sports Golf is more than just hitting a ball with a stick. There are a few terms you need to be familiar with before we can begin.


  • Fairway - This is the good grass. As long as your ball stays on the fairway you should have no problem picking a club and using it properly.
  • Rough - Just like the name says this is the rough area that is not the fairway! Landing here is bad for you as it limits your power meter to two points.
  • Bunker - Also known as a sand trap. Get your ball stuck in here and it's wedge-city for you! One dot wedge-city that is!
  • Green - This is the light green area around the hole. This is where you want to be. Use the putter here and don't worry about the wind. Do worry about the lay of the land though because when you are on a hill gravity does take over!
  • Out of bounds - This is where the ball goes when it is beyond even the rough! You will get a one stroke penalty and your ball will be relocated to the nearest edge of the fairway. Yes, landing in the water on the higher number courses is also considered out of bounds!

You have several clubs to choose from; driver, iron, wedge and putter but you needn't worry about it as the game picks the best one for you.

Power Bar
The power bar on the lower left part of the screen and the blue dotted line on the map view are essentially the same thing. When deciding how hard to swing the club keep the map view in mind and do not forget... the ball will bounce on impact!

Also keep the wind gauge in mind when aiming your swing. If the wind is strong from a side direction be sure to aim the ball towards the wind as the wind will push the ball back on course. Wind does not matter on putting though so you can ignore it when you are putting.

Scoring Terms

  • Hole in one - Self explanatory
  • Albatross - 3 shots under Par
  • Eagle - 2 shots under Par
  • Birdie - 1 shot under Par
  • Par - Shots are the same as course Par
  • Bogey - 1 shot over Par
  • Double Bogey - 2 shots over Par
  • +[number] - [number] shots over Par

The only other scoring term would be "Chipped in" which means you got the ball into the hole without putting.

There is also an 11 shot mercy rule.

Practice, practice, practice! Take your time on this step and make some practice swings until you are comfortable with the power meter reading on your swing. nothing ruins a game faster than swinging cold.

Putting is the trickiest part of the game. you do not want to use the normal swinging method but instead just use your wrist. A little bit of a wrist motion should sink most balls without sending your power meter into the red!

For a harder game hold down the "2" button when selecting the mode and the power meter, map and wind gauge will be disabled!