As can happen the sales data for September 2007 has been modified as more and more stores report their information. Because of this early reporting is often close but inaccurate.

It was widely reported that Xbox 360 console sales beat out the Wii in September based on massive sales of Halo 3. Now that sales numbers have settled we find that Microsoft was not able to knock the Wii off the top of the mountain.

VGChartz September Console Sales Update

Week of September 29, 2007

As you can clearly see in the graphic above (from VGChartz) the one week where Xbox 360 sales almost beat out the Wii, they did not. They missed the Wii sales figure by about 5K consoles. Yes, on the week of September 29, 2007 (one of Microsoft's best weeks for the Xbox 360) they did not surpass the Wii in sales.

This makes me wonder. Will we see a rush of reporting on this new piece of data or will people be left to think that the Xbox 360 did better than it actually did?

Don't forget that there is only one console that beats the Wii in week-to-week sales and that is the Nintendo DS.

DS is kicking ass