The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us

A few days ago TellTale Games released the fifth and final chapter in their Wolf Among Us series. A few days after that I put the time in to complete that final chapter. Here are my thoughts.

Overall I did enjoy the series. Previously to playing the game I had heard of but never read the Fables comic from which the game is based upon. Now I find myself wanting to read the comics to fully explore the universe that exists surrounding these characters.

As befits the episodic style of the game the five chapters of the game were released over time and spaced about two months apart. The time gap was just about right to keep my interest in the story and the fact that The Walking Dead Season Two release schedule fell inbetween also helped.

Each chapter did follow the same basic formula. You take on the role of Bigby Wolf (Big Bad Wolf) who is the local sheriff in Fabletown. When the game begins most people think of you as the bad guy even though you carry a badge. It turns out that the people are right to think of you this way because the government of Fabletown has become a bit corrupt over time.

Each chapter begins in location A and you explore a location and then move on to the next. The only exception is that you will eventually run into a situation where you need to visit two locations at the same time and the one you pick to visit first will have more evidence waiting for you than the one you go to second. That is the only real lasting choice you can make in each episode.

Now you have the option to play Bibgy as either a good cop or a bad cop and one thing I did not like is that no matter how hard you try to play Bigby as a good cop no one ever seems to notice. Bigby could run into a burning building to rescue a litter of kittens and the townsfolk would still not let him pet one.

Another point to consider is the way your choices impact the later chapters, for the most part they don't in any meaningful way. I also think there may be a bug because I often copied my save file to go back and find the fables I missed yet when playing the next chapter the game referenced things I did in the cleanup playthrough and not my actual save file.

The game is enjoyable and a good way to kill an afternoon. If you can pick it up at a 50% discount it is worth it.