Unless you have been living under a rock you have to be aware of the awesomeness that is Telltale Games Walking Dead series. Season one ran five episodes with a bonus DLC episode named 400 Days. 400 Days was connected to the main story in minor ways and some of your choices in the main story did have an impact on the DLC. Nothing earth shattering but the nods were there.

Season two was just released in December of 2013 and picked up a short time after the end of season one. We were greeted by a few familiar faces and then... Well, let's just say things get interesting.

While season one had the player take the part of Lee Everett in his quest to help the orphaned girl Clementine survive the new world and possibly help to find her parents season two puts us in Clementine's shoes. It is a very different experience from season one in that Clem is not the physically strong character that Lee was. Also, as a child, the adults in the story tend to treat you very differently than they did Lee.

I played through season one several times. I often joke with my friends about how tired I am of playing through the early episodes because I kept getting them for free everywhere! Yes, I have played chapters one and two multiple times on PS3, xBox360 and PC. My only problem with the PC version is that I was impacted by the same game glitch that ignored all of the choices I made in episode one and instead gave me a bunch of random (?) choices that ruined my relationship with Kenny to the point that in the final chapter he tore me a new one and stayed behind with the boat! Which was kind of good because him staying behind added some content to my playthrough of 400 Days.

All in all I greatly enjoyed season one of the game. The only low point in the story was chapter two and that may just be a personal bias because that is also the one chapter that I hated playing multiple times. The first episode of season two was also very good on the whole but I did not enjoy one of the battle scenes because you had to use the items in the room in a certain exact order and the final item was always off screen for me until someone told me about it. So, yeah... I had to fight that one battle multiple times with increasing frustration because I thought I was doing everything correct.