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LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MySpace, the world’s most popular social network, today announced the results of the new “Impact Presidential Poll,” the first monthly results in a series of political polls to be conducted exclusively of the MySpace community leading up to the 2008 general presidential election. The Impact Presidential Poll unveils the political views and engagement of the ‘MySpace Generation,’ providing an early view into the perspective of America’s young adults.

“One year before the national presidential election, the Impact Presidential Poll highlights where the MySpace Generation stands,” said Jeff Berman, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs at MySpace. "We can't wait to see how MySpace users' views evolve in the run-up to next November."

Key findings include:

MySpace Generation Gets Their Political Fix Online1 – MySpace users over-index in political related activities. Compared to the general online adult population, MySpace users are:

  • 139% more likely to have visited an online chat room with public officials or political candidates in the last 30 days
  • 29% more likely to have looked up political/campaign information online yesterday
  • 16% more likely to have read news - general/political - online yesterday

MySpace Will Vote – The vast majority (86%) of MySpace users 18+, or who will be 18 by Nov. 4, 2008, say they are ‘Extremely Likely’ or ‘Likely’ to vote in the 2008 presidential election.

MySpace Community Kicks Party Affiliations to the Curb – A significantly higher proportion of the MySpace community identify themselves as Independents in comparison to Americans overall:

  • 27% of MySpace users 18+, or who will be 18 by the 2008 general election, define their political affiliation as Independent, compared to 8% of the general American population
  • 52% of MySpace users are Independent or Independent and leaning to one party, compared to 41% from a November 2007 Gallup Poll

Grass Is Greener on the Democratic Side – Among the MySpace community, party switching is higher among those who voted Republican in 2004:

  • 25% who voted for Bush in 2004 plan to vote Democratic in 2008
  • 18% of those who voted for Kerry in 2004 plan to vote Republican in 2008

“War on Terror” Ranks Top of Mind – Democratic and Republican MySpace users are in sync regarding the importance of the economy and terrorism:

  • 36% of Democratic and 38% of Republican MySpace users say the “War on Terror” is the most important issue
  • 29% of Democratic and 28% of Republican MySpace users list the economy as the most important issue to them in the upcoming election
  • Immigration is a higher priority among MySpace Republicans (22% vs. 8% for Democrats)

The ongoing MySpace Impact Presidential Poll is one component of MySpace’s commitment to online and offline political programming continuing through the 2008 presidential elections, including the MySpace Presidential Primary on January 1-2, 2008 empowering every domestic user to cast their virtual vote for which man or woman should be selected to run for the nation’s highest office. All MySpace Primary activities will take place on the Impact channel at

"This groundbreaking online poll provides important insight into the political views and concerns of a powerful voting demographic - young Americans," said Marc Morgenstern, Executive Director of Declare Yourself, the national, non-partisan voter registration campaign for young people. "MySpace will be a powerful force in the next election and is already energizing young people to register to vote and to engage on the issues that are most important to them.”

Additionally, MySpace’s Impact initiatives include a partnership with MTV to produce a series of one-on-one Presidential Dialogues with leading candidates speaking directly to the MySpace community and MTV audiences. To date, events have taken place with Democratic candidates John Edwards and Barack Obama, Republican candidate John McCain, and have been broadcast on MTV and webcast live on MySpace.

The Impact channel (, MySpace’s hub for political and civic engagement, is designed to empower MySpace users to make a difference in the world and to allow politicians, non-profits, and social organizations to connect with MySpace’s global audience. The Impact Channel houses the official MySpace pages for all of the major party presidential candidates, as well as tools to enable voter registration, fundraising, and volunteering.

“Impact Presidential Poll” Methodology

The first MySpace Impact political poll was conducted online between Nov. 28, 2007 and Dec. 4, 2007 via banner ads inviting a sample of users to complete the survey.

1 The average age of survey respondents was 25 years old

2 750 users 18 and older

3 126 users, who will turn 18 by the general presidential election in 2008, responded to the online survey

You can download the Presidential Impact Poll directly from us.

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1 Source: Nielsen Online Plan Fall 2007

2 Among the top 2000 domains comScore Media Metrix, November 2007. For more information on comScore Networks, please go to