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Nintendo August 28th, 2009 by HMTKSteve

Nintendo DSi

Have you been wanting a chance to check out the new DSi from Nintendo? Do you live near Portland Oregon? Are you free the weekend of Aug 28 - 31? If you answered yes to these three questions then you might want to check out the Oregon State Fair and the Nintendo DSi™ Mobile Tour!

The Nintendo DSi™ Mobile Tour will be located near the "Big Sling" ride near the gateway to the fair. There will be plenty of Nintendo reps on hand to show you how to take and manipulate photos, tweak sound recordings and enjoy a wide variety of games. Visitors can print their original souvenir photos on the bus or store them online and download them from home!

Nintendo and video games January 6th, 2008 by HMTKSteve

I played the Zelda games when i was a kid and I still play them now. If I had seen this video when they first came out I may not have!

Yes, I know I went and saw the live action Super Mario Brothers movie as well as the TV series but... OK, who am I to talk? Those were just as bad as the commercial above.

Nintendo and video games December 27th, 2007 by HMTKSteve

In March of this year I posted a series of article featuring tips and tricks for use with the games in the Wii Sports package on the Wii. Over the course of the past year these articles have consistently drawn traffic at the rate of 50 views each per day. Over the last few days the traffic to these four articles has increased at a maddening rate!

Prior to Christmas my article on how to find a Wii saw a similar increase in traffic. The only thing I can make from this is that everyone was looking for a Wii for the holiday and now that they have one they want to know how to get the high score on the wii Sports games!

These articles are a good example of of evergreen content.

Nintendo and video games November 25th, 2007 by HMTKSteve

My first foray into the world of FPS (first person shooter) video games was Wolfenstein. A friend of mine had this on his 286 back when I was stationed in Germany while serving in the US Army. The game was fun but it wasn't real 3-D.

Next I moved on to Doom and its sequels on my 486. I used a Gravis GamePad when playing that game because it made the game play feel like what I was used to on the Super Nintendo. Even though Doom was not 3-D it was close enough for us. We made sure to invest in a null modem cable at the time so we could do some co-op and death-match battles.

I took a break from FPS games for a while and moved on to RTS (real time strategy) video games such as Warcraft. The one problem I had with these early RTS games is that some had a bug in them where the player on the faster computer would always be faster than the players on slower computers. Yeah, not much fun there. This bug was fixed but I never enjoyed the ever growing administration duties you had to deal with as the game went on.

After Warcraft I moved on to the mother of all time killers; Sid Meir's Civilization. I started out with the DOS version of the game and moved up to the Windows version. Ah, the days of the Chariot Rush brings back memories...

I think my favorite in the series has to be Civilization II: Gold Edition. I did enjoy Civ-Net but by the time it came out Civ II was already in stores. I wanted to play Civ multi-player but not the old style. I still break out Civ II when I have time to kill.

A few years ago I tried to get back into FPS gaming but I just couldn't do it. I never had a good enough mouse to play them on the PC and I always felt that dual analog stick on consoles just left a lot to be desired. They were good, but I always felt that the button placements were wrong or limiting.

Then I found Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. I had played the first Metroid Prime on my Game Cube and I liked it. As for the second one, Metroid Prime 3 on the Wii, partly because I had developed a bit of the FPS-nausea sickness. I did not know if I would be able to play the game at all without getting sick. (I had to play Metroid Prime in short stints to avoid getting too sick.)

After playing for a few hours I built up my tolerance and had a blast!

Sadly, now that I have completed the game (22:34 with 100% of items found) I am feeling empty inside. I visited a friend and tried out his Halo 3 game but I found the dual-analog stick control scheme lacking. The Wii has spoiled me.

On a dual-analog stick controller you have to keep one thumb on the stick that controls your movement and the other on the stick that controls your facing/aiming. The fire buttons are in easy reach for your index fingers but what about jumping? You have to take your thumb off of the aiming stick to hit the jump button. With the Wii-mote all you have to do is point it to turn, you are free to hit all of the important buttons while turning.

Think about that, with the Wii the second analog stick is controlled by your wrist rather than your thumb. It is so close to keyboard and mouse controls that it is downright scary!

I was thinking about buying an Xbox360 or a PS3 for the FPS games but now, I can't. I've been spoiled and there is no going back.

Kiosk Gaming

Nintendo and video games and Wii November 15th, 2007 by HMTKSteve

Yes, I know I have not posted much on here as of late. I could give the usual excuse of "I've been busy" but I don't think that would be fair. Instead I'll just tell you what I've been playing lately.

Nintendo DS

Yes, I still spend far too much time playing the Pokemon games on the Nintendo DS (I have both Diamond and Pearl now) but this week a new game crept in and took control of my DS. I'm talking about Konami's new Contra 4 for DS.

All the real hard core gamers from the 80's remember the original Contra game on the NES. It was a game so hard that most kids just gave up on it and never completed the game. I was there one day to watch some of my friends beat the game (we did party gaming long before Mario Party existed).

All I can say is that the original Contra game was a ball buster. Eventually the secret of the Konami Code found its way to us and everyone was able to beat that sadistic game.

The new Contra 4 game is all Contra all the way with one exception, no Konami code! There may be some cheat codes for the game but I have not found them yet. (I take it back, you can use the konami code on the pause screen but it only maxes out your weapons, use it again and you die!)

The game is your basic side-scrolling platformer and it kicks ass, namely yours! There is a two-player mode but each player has to have their own copy of the game.

Just like in the old game you can switch out weapons and toss a weapon to your partner. Also, as in the old game, one hit and you are dead. This is not some crazy plumber with a machine gun so you can't jump on enemies to kill them. Touch an enemy or get hit by enemy fire and you die.

The first stage of the game takes place in a jungle and I can beat it easily on the Easy setting, not so much on the Normal setting and not at all on the Hard setting!

The second stage takes place in a lab with mutant dogs and exploding zombies. When those zombies explode their bits can also kill you. Yeah, I die a lot that way.

In fact, I just die a lot in this game. some might say that is a bad thing but too many games these days coddle the player. This game does not coddle at all. It does have a continue system but the harder the level you play on the less continues you get. Don't think you can just play it through on Easy either because the last three levels are not available on the Easy setting.

If you like old school Contra action from the NES and SNES you will enjoy Contra 4. If you can't take this much difficulty in your games than stick with something simple, like one of those Disney games for the DS.

Nintendo Wii

I can't play FPS games for long stretches of time without getting nauseous but I have been pushing hard to complete one such game; Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

The controls took a little bit of time to get used to but this game is all Metroid. By all Metroid I mean it focuses on solving puzzles more than on combat. Boss battles are difficult but not impossible to figure out.

A nice feature of the game is that if you see something that is out of reach the game will tell you that you do not have the equipment to deal with the problem right now so you will not sit around getting frustrated. Once you get the proper equipment you can then head back there and complete the area.

There is one problem with the game that is very glaring and it has to do with the map. On the previous versions you could move the map left, right, up and down. In this game you can pivot the map and zoom but you can't move it sideways. This sucks because the only way to see distant area of the map is by zooming way out and squinting.

I try to log a few hours a week into this game and I think I am just about at the half-way point. I have destroyed the first two seeds and right now I'm bouncing between the Pirate Homeworld, derelict spaceship and grabbing missed items on the first three planets.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is a good closer to the Metroid Prime series of games.

Nintendo and video games October 1st, 2007 by HMTKSteve

Zelda: Phantom Hourglass"The storyline for The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass represents a new pinnacle for hand-held video games," says George Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. "The touch-screen controls make it easy for newcomers but fresh and engaging for Zelda fans."

Veteran gamers should be able to pick it up and start playing instantly. "The game is a pure testament to both the power and innovative aspects of DS, delivering an overall product that will blow gamers away visually, stylistically and cinematically," says Mark Bozon of IGN.com, who rated the game 9 out of 10, including a perfect 10 rating for its "stunning" graphics. A notoriously critical Japanese publication also gave The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass a near-perfect score: Four judges rated it a perfect 10, while one gave it a 9.

But what about people who haven't played a Zelda game since the original on the Nintendo Entertainment System® in 1987? No worries. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass has players navigate through the game using only the touch screen. Sliding the stylus swings hero Link's sword, while tapping other characters starts conversations or battles. Players can even write notes on their maps to remind them of places they should revisit once they gain more items and experience.

Zelda: Phantom hourglassIf two players want to spend a little time together with The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, they have two options. If they're in the same room, they can play over a local wireless connection. If they're far apart, they can use their Internet connection to log onto Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection and battle in the two-player mode, which lets one player control Link while the other player controls the enemies who are after him.

As a special bonus for Nintendo's rewards club, My Nintendo members who register the game and their Nintendo DS hardware at MyNintendo.com and fill out a short survey will receive a special Nintendo DS stylus that looks like an old-fashioned quill pen (subject to availability). The epic adventure is rated E for Everyone.

Did you catch that? You can get a cool DS stylus just by registering the game!

I have not yet purchased the game but I have tried out the demo copies in stores. I found it to be easy to use and fun. The only problem i had was with grabbing and tossing rocks. Might have just been the demo DS I used.

Nintendo and video games September 29th, 2007 by HMTKSteve

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom HourglassNintendo celebrates the release of The Legend of Zelda®: Phantom Hourglass™ with an action-packed launch party at the Nintendo World® store in Rockefeller Plaza. Video game lovers of all ages will line up for an early look at the latest Zelda® game and a chance to win exciting prizes. Fans will have their picture taken with the game’s hero, Link; dress as their favorite Zelda characters for a costume contest; show off their Zelda knowledge in trivia quizzes; and be among the first to play Phantom Hourglass in a live multi-player tournament. From 2 - 4 p.m., attendees will have a chance to purchase the highly anticipated title the day before its official release.

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for Nintendo DSâ„¢ makes its formal debut on October 1, breaking the mold for first-person adventure games with a revolutionary stylus-only control scheme and a wireless two-player mode. Phantom Hourglass features eye-popping 3-D graphics and fun challenges for casual gamers and Zelda fans alike. Since 1987, the Legend of Zelda franchise has sold more than 52 million units worldwide, making it one of the most popular game series in the industry.

The big party will be held at the Nintendo World Store at 10 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. On Sunday, Sept. 30 between the hours of 1:00PM and 4:00PM. The game will be available for purchase after 2:00PM and the costume contest runs from 3:00PM to 4:00PM.

If you are going to be in the New York area on Sunday why not check it out?

Nintendo and video games and Wii September 25th, 2007 by HMTKSteve

No your eyes are not deceiving you that is indeed a NASCAR car with the Wii logo on it.


NASCAR Nextel Cup Series driver Greg Biffle and his No. 16 Wii Ford Fusion race in the Sept. 23, 2007, Dodge Dealers 400 at Dover International Speedway in Dover, Del. Biffle finished second in the race, just a fraction of a second behind winner Carl Edwards.

The Wii car

NASCAR Nextel Cup Series driver Greg Biffle and his No. 16 Wii Ford Fusion speed across the finish line a fraction of a second behind winner Carl Edwards. Biffle finished second in the Sept. 23, 2007, Dodge Dealers 400 at Dover International Speedway in Dover, Del.

Wii Sports at NASCAR

Nintendo sweepstakes winner Julie Vineyard, 39, of Arnoldsburg, W.Va., left, plays Wii Sports against NASCAR Nextel Cup Series driver Greg Biffle prior to the Sept. 23, 2007, Dodge Dealers 400 at Dover International Speedway in Dover, Del. Vineyard is a huge fan of Nintendo, NASCAR and Biffle, who finished second in the race.

Who says girls don't play video games? Obviously Julie Vinyard plays video games and likes NASCAR.

I'm going to guess that they are playing Wii Sports: Tennis.

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