For the past few days a friend and I have been trying to take down the ultimate boss monster in Borderlands: Crawmerax.

This gigantic craw wurm is the baddest boss in the game and fights at level 64 while the players are capped at level 61. He is surrounded by level 61 craw wurms and craw maggots that will tear you to shreds! One swipe from the giant beast is often enough to leave you fighting for your life.

How did I beat this bad boss? Well, I cheated.

See, there is a glitch area in the boss encounter that causes the big guy to freeze in place and roar. Not only does it freeze him but it also freezes all the lesser craw critters as well. Check the video o see how it is done.

PS: After you defeat him make sure a friend is around to join your game because he drops more loot than one player can carry!

Happy hunting!