Hello everyone,

My name is Marsha and I'm here to answer your questions.

Question: How do I remove magic marker from my kitchen cabinets?

Answer: I have found that perfume is very good at removing magic marker marks from kitchen cabinets and other surfaces. Another thing that also works well is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser product put out by Proctor and Gamble.

Question: I'm not an obsessive person but why does my husband always walk past things that need to be picked up as if they were invisible?

Answer: This question has troubled women since the dawn of time. Men only think an item needs to be "picked up" if it impedes their physical progress through a room. Women, however, feel an item should be picked up if it impedes their visual progress through a room. There is not much you can do about this except buy him stronger glasses.

Question: How can I get my husband to take a more active role in cleaning the house?

Answer: This is an easy one, pay him a compliment while he is cleaning. For example, get him to wash the dishes and then express how "hot" he looks while doing the dishes. After a while he might figure out what you are doing, but not until after he has finished washing the dishes.

Question: How do I get my husband to help with the laundry?

Answer: Easy, stop doing his!

Question: Sometimes I'm able to get my husband to help in the cleaning, but he always does a poor job. How can I get him to clean better without being seen as a nag?

Answer: Well, if the compliment idea above does not work, try the bribery trick. Hide a love note somewhere in the room he is to clean (or don't but say you did) and tell him that you hid a special "woopie coupon" in the room but he'll have to clean real well to find it. The only problem with this is that once he gets the coupon he's going to want to cash it in right away. Make sure whatever the coupon is good for is in line with how well he cleans.

Question: My children's rooms are always a mess, how do I get them to be more responsible for cleaning their rooms?

Answer: Do your kids have an allowance? Is it tied to their chores? Put together a simple chart where they earn a certain amount of money for chores done but lose an amount double that if the chore is not done.

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